June 24, 2024

Should you use limit orders or market orders? What about stop orders? All the options can be confusing for new traders. So before you place a single trade — learn the difference between the types of orders! Then you can decide which order type is best for you.

Watch the video below to learn:

The type of order you should NEVER use.
Which order types are best for penny stock trading.
How to take advantage of uneducated traders who use the wrong order types.
Why using a stop order doesn’t guarantee you’ll exit a trade.

Learn all that and more in the video below! Plus, learn from my real trade example.

I’ve been trading penny stocks for 20+ years. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff and learned a ton of hard lessons. Now I teach students everything I know in my Trading Challenge.

I’ve created over 20 millionaire students, and I’m always looking for more dedicated students. If you’re dedicated to learning the same process all my top students learned…

Apply for my Trading Challenge Today!

Leave me a comment below saying, “I will not use market orders!”

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