June 24, 2024

Steam Cleaning Services 

Steam cleaning is perhaps the most ideal way to clean a surface and can be utilized for furniture including couches, beddings, mats and shades. The high temperature of the steam disinfects your surfaces and guarantees that any it are disposed of to wait microbes and microscopic organisms.

Steam cleaning is likewise more harmless to the ecosystem than substance cleaning. Surfaces are passed on new and clean without representing a gamble to its uprightness.


Utilizing particular steam cleaning apparatus and our experience inside the area, we can give you productive and compelling cleaning to guarantee your rugs are kept in premium condition. Areas of floor covering that get high footfall, will start to blur and look worn rapidly.

The steam created by these machines is 110°C, eliminating microorganisms and microbes inside the rug, while delivering negligible dampness meaning your rugs will be dry in the span of 20 minutes, lessening disturbance to the business. Rugs are left spotless, dry, looking extraordinary and smelling new.


Upholstery is famously hard to clean and without the right cleaning, clients might be hesitant to utilize it. Because of the state of upholstered furniture, soil and trash can get caught without any problem.

By steam cleaning this upholstery, we can clean and disinfect your furnishings, delaying its life expectancy and along these lines setting aside you cash.

Why Choose GCC Facilities Management For Your Steam, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning?

Each individual from the GCC group is prepared to the most elevated industry guidelines through GCC’s in-house, British Institute Of Cleaning Science (BICSc) adjusted instructional class. This incorporates modules covering Health and Safety, COSHH, right utilization of RAMS, NHS variety upholstery cleaning methods and natural preparation.


Spot stain evacuation. We convey a wide scope of stain evacuation cleansers to target espresso, wine, upchuck, blood, pet pee and some more.
Pre-treatment of all covered regions utilizing designated cleansers relying upon material and condition.
Boiling water extraction utilizing industry driving hardware to apply heated water onto the covered regions shampooing and cleaning the strands while at the same time removing any soil and microbes.
Sanitiser and scent neutraliser – We get the significance of having clean covers that smell new. With every one of our medicines we apply a scented deodouriser and sanitiser as a component of the bundle.
Stain insurance – It is vital to give your rugs a long life. That is the reason we remember stain security for our cleans, this gives life span to your rugs and safeguards them assuming any future stains happen.


Proficient outcomes that can’t be accomplished with homegrown floor covering cleaning hardware.

Drags out the existence of floor coverings, mats and upholstery – setting aside you time and cash.

Eliminates by far most of stains.

Leaves your rugs looking and feeling new.

Reasonable for most sorts of rug, incorporating those with both normal and engineered strands.

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