June 18, 2024

You don’t need to quit your day job to be a successful trader.

Just ask Tim Bohen. He’s the lead trainer for StocksToTrade, so he has limited time during trading hours. That’s why he developed a pattern that’s ideal for traders who have full-time jobs. He’s sharing it TONIGHT at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Tim used to be a slave to the grind. He worked 80 hours a week at a day. Then he found me — and became my student even before I started the Trading Challenge.

He wanted more balance in his life. Trading helped him find it.

Now, he’s able to work and trade … And he still has time to go hunting with his son and watch “Dancing With the Stars” with his daughter.

This is the power of trading. It’s not just about money — it’s about creating the type of life you want.

Keep reading for Bohen’s story and find out his favorite pattern for part-time traders!

Tim Bohen: A Trading Dinosaur

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These days, Bohen’s got a following as a Black Rifle coffee-swilling mentor who gives traders straight talk. He also alerts followers to the best opportunities through the SteadyTrade Team and his wildly popular Pre-Market Prep sessions.

Bohen spent YEARS honing his stock market know-how.

He’s been into stocks since before online trading even existed. Like WAY before.

By the third grade, he was already into tech — and finance.

Not only was he the kid in class who knew how to load Oregon Trail on the class computer, but he’d scour his dad’s newspaper after school for stocks. He loved those tiny numbers, and he’d always check in on his favorites like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) — still one of his watchlist favorites today.

During college in the 90s, he used his pizza-delivery money to invest in a mutual fund — but he wouldn’t circle back to day trading until later.

Trading, Interrupted

Bohen might have pursued trading during college, but he got sidelined and quit school to start a tech company. It ended up becoming his livelihood for years — but took a ton of effort. He was working 80 hours a week. It took a toll on him and his family.

He still dabbled in trading. Bohen opened an E-Trade account during the dot-com bubble. He’d trade a random stock here and there. But his efforts were inconsistent.

Then, in 2006 or so, he found me.

Game-Changing Strategy: Penny Stocks & Short-Selling

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When Bohen found me, I didn’t have my Trading Challenge yet. Not that many people even knew what penny stocks were.

At the time, I was mainly a short seller. Like now, I focused on low-priced stocks. Nobody was doing what I was then.

Bohen became OBSESSED.

He wasn’t my first student, but he was an early adopter of my teachings. He was right there with traders like Michael Goode, who famously started out skeptical of me but then became my first confirmed millionaire student.

He started learning … then the market crash of 2007–2008 came along. It scared a lot of people out of the stock market. But Bohen was prepared for the volatility.

The Golden Age of Short Selling

Bohen calls the days after the market crash the ‘golden age of short selling.’

Stocks would spike and they’d ALL die the next day. During that time, he started to see and understand stock patterns.

He got more serious with his trading. He wasn’t going all-out or taking massive positions, but it was enough to tell him this niche worked. It gave him the confidence to make a bold move…

New Career, New Life

Bohen was still working his day job — but it was sucking the life out of him. As he puts it, “I made the classic entrepreneur mistake of weaving my life into the business to the point where I didn’t have a work-life balance.”

He saw trading as his way out. In 2013, his partner bought him out and he went full-time as a trader.

Even though he was finding success in the market, there were things he didn’t like, such as the pressure. Bohen prefers a safer approach to trading.

He also didn’t like how day trading can be lonely — that’s why so many traders love the community aspect of my Trading Challenge.

So he made another big decision…

The Power of Part-Time Trading

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As Bohen was coming up as a trader, another opportunity came up — from another startup, StocksToTrade. The company was growing and needed a teacher to show members how to use the software.

Bohen’s a friendly guy who’s passionate about trading and tech. It was the perfect fit.

So he transitioned to trading part-time while becoming a trading mentor.

He loves his job. As he puts it, “I get more satisfaction out of part-time trading and teaching trading than simply trading alone. When someone benefits from what you’ve taught them, it’s rewarding in a whole different way.” 

Making the Most of the Trading Community

My teachings helped Bohen find his true calling as a part-time trader and teacher. He gets to do what he loves and still has time to spend with his family.

Not only can he take advantage of opportunities in the market, but he gets to share them with others. (Have you checked out his e-book?)

Now, he wants to share one of his top patterns with you. 

Don’t miss this chance to learn from a trader and mentor who’s been through and seen it all. Learning from a mentor like Bohen can help you cut your learning curve.

And if you’re trading part time, this makes perfect sense. Do NOT miss this event tonight. It won’t cost you anything to show up. See you there!

Get Bohen’s Top Afternoon Pattern!

Are you ready to maximize your part-time trading potential? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about Bohen’s part-time approach!

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