June 18, 2024

In this episode of Radio Rothbard, Jeff Deist and Ryan McMaken talk police, guns, gun control, and the 2nd Amendment.

Recommended Reading

“Uvalde’s Biggest Mistake Was Trusting the Police to Keep Us Safe” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_84_A

“Politicizing Mass Shootings Only Guarantees There Will Be More of Them” by Bill Anderson: Mises.org/RR_84_B

“Police Botched the Uvalde Standoff. Now Gun Controllers Want to Give Police More Power.” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_84_C

“Just How Common Are School Shootings?” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_84_D

“End the Incorporation Doctrine” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_84_E

“Police Have No Duty to Protect You, Federal Court Affirms Yet Again” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_84_F

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