June 16, 2024

Leading independent asset-based lender Independent Growth Finance (IGF) has announced its latest growth figures, building on 2021’s record-breaking results.  

April saw client volume increase by 46%, now more than £2.4bn annually and a 55% growth in fund-in use against the same period last year. This continued growth is impressive amidst challenging economic conditions, and is testament to IGF’s continued commitment to financing underserved SME and lower middle market firms.  

Supporting UK Businesses 

IGF ended 2021 with a lending portfolio accounting for £2 billion of UK revenue, and more than 5,000 jobs. This has further expanded in 2022, as IGF continue to provide financing to businesses across regions and industries to support them through their growth.  

IGF’s full suite of Asset Based Lending (ABL) facilities allow companies to be funded against assets such as property, plant and machinery, stock or cashflow lending. Unlocking funds from within a business, supporting growth and investment, whilst maintaining the flexibility businesses need in times of unprecedented change. 

IGF support event driven transactions, including growth and acquisition, providing business owners and their sponsors with sharp decision making and commercial underwriting – ensuring opportunity can be maximised throughout the relationship. 

Michael Fletcher, IGF Commercial Director commented: Given turbulent economic conditions, it is pleasing to see that our growth shows no signs of abating. Boardrooms across the country are facing up to the challenges of 2022 and looking for opportunity amidst them. Financing is key to capturing these opportunities, and in some cases can act as a defence against rising interest rates, inflation, and operating costs.  

For these businesses, it is vital that they have access to a financing provider who understands their unique business context, is attuned to the needs of the middle market, and who can mobilize finance with speed and certainty. By meeting these criteria, we strive to be a ‘partnership lender’- and this approach continues to drive growth for IGF and our clients. 

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